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Learning by doing- Choku Fish project

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by namod » Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:17 am

Hi there fellow kickstarters!
My name is Vadim and I would like to share my thoughts/experience and my project on Kickstarter.
First of all, here is my Kickstarter project:
It is a multi functional chopsticks helper!
It is me and my partner producing these, in Denmark.
it has been a long journey and it starts back in 2012. I used to produce these at first in China. And next 4 years I was saving my own money to purchase machinery and tools ot produce this product myself.
I have changed the manufacturing process form the one we used in China. And because of that once I got my tools and machines all settled I figured out that materials are not working the way they should. Because of that I had to change my tools 3 times- that took a lot of money and time. But after 2 years after I got the tools and after all the tool changes- we are now ready and started this Kickstarter with an updated design that works even better than the one we used to have in China!
As you can imagine we used to have a small amount of contacts and previous customers, but as you can see on our kickstarter campaign that didn't really help us much. We are struggling and also learning as we go. Our problem is that it is basically only me advertising it everywhere possible and cheap as possible. As everything about our project is purely done with our own private investments from primary jobs.
I used some FIVERR helpers to promote campaign a little. One of the GIGs helped a little and brought 30% of the backer investment. But as you can see it's not much we collected yet.
And we continue struggle.
I will be posting updates on what I tried to promote the campaign and will tell you the results as well as I go.
Thank you for checking out the project and post!
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by hyperstarter » Tue Sep 19, 2017 8:48 am

Congrats on reaching your goal and overfunding. I'd probably put a little warning on if you're using Fiverr to attract backers, as if you've got 30% be careful as they could always cancel their bids.

I think it's a nice campaign, but the presentation could be improved from graphics, high quality animation and better imagery.

Best of luck!
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